Friday, February 19, 2010


Jurnal Rekayasa Vol 5 No 1 Artikel 04

M. Djaya Bakri
(Staf Pengajar Fakultas Teknik, Universitas Borneo)

Ludfi Djakfar
( Staf Pengajar Program Studi Teknik Sipil PPS Universitas Brawijaya)

Harnen Sulistio
( Staf Pengajar Program Studi Teknik Sipil PPS Universitas Brawijaya)

ABSTRACT: In general road network system of Tarakan Town have linear pattern connective to town in center, middle and east downtown with grid pattern of residing in settlement environment. Pursuant to pattern development of town physical and estimate of accretion of resident, hence wide of farm woke up in town of Tarakan will progressively wide. Pursuant to the consideration needed by the existence of network plan walke in town of Tarakan for fluently and improve aksesibilitas in all parts of island region and also for generalization access, cutting short travelled distance and time With limited budget condition, hence needed by phasing of development of him. Therefore become of vital importance to know phasing of road-works, so that can efficient of usage of fund and streamline function of road;street network. In specifying priority development of road network used method of AHP specified criteria and also road network alternative to be developed in town of Tarakan. To obtain;get alternative priority development of network walke in town of Tarakan conducted with spreading of kuesioner at responder representing governmental element cover On Duty Public Work Of Town of Tarakan, Bappeda Town of Tarakan, On Duty Communication of Town of Tarakan, and On duty Urban Planning of Tarakan, and also represent society which was berasala of college circle which in town of Tarakan, entrepreneur circle, executor of construction service (Gapensi), consumer of publik transport and personal transportation. Responder compare by berpasangan importance storey;level between criterion covering criterion; according to planology, economic, finansial, traffic, environmental impact and tourism. Pursuant to the criterion determine sequence of prioritasi development of road;street network which consist of nine alternative by direct skoring. Isn'T it result of analysis of responder counted 50 ( fifty) people obtained by environmental impact criterion with value of presentase equal to 10,472% as criterion which

Keywords : Prioritas Pengembangan Jaringan Jalan, Metoda AHP


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