Sunday, October 11, 2009

ENGINEERING JOURNAL : Geosta Yang Dikombinasikan sebagai Bahan Stabilisasi Tanah Kohesif Ditinjau Melalui Pengujian Geser Langsung Pada Tanah Kohesif

Jurnal Rekayasa Vol 1 No 1 Artikel 1

(Staf Pengajar Jurusan Sipil, Fakultas Teknik, Universitas Brawijaya)


Clay soils as one of soil classification that has chemically active particle and characteristics which has related to water and its plasticity. Characteristic of clay soil is weakness of the clay soil classification if it will use as structural soil foundation. This research efforts to get the optimal composition of exploitation of Sugar Cane Hush Ash and Geosta Combination as stabilizer material for cohesive soil that observed through direct shear test on cohesive soil. Testing of clays are done with geosta additive composition are 0,05 %, 0,07 %, 0,09 %, and 0,11 % from dry soil weight and Sugar Cane Hush Ash content are 5 %, 7 %, 9 %, 11 % from dry soil weight.. The optimum composition happened at clay soil, geosta and sugar cane hush ash mixture for geosta between 0,09% to 0,10% and Sugar Cane Hush Ash between 9% to 10%. The value of cohesion (C) is 0.2993 kg/cm2 to 0.3187 kg/cm2 and the value of friction angle () are 11,5943o to 11,7229o.

Key words: Geosta, sugar cane hush ash, cohesive soil.