Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Jurnal REKAYASA Volume 7 Nomor 2 Artikel 10

Eri Andrian Yudianto
(Dosen dan Peneliti di Institut Teknologi Nasional Malang)

Lila Ayu Ratna Winanda
(Dosen dan Peneliti di Institut Teknologi Nasional Malang)

ABSTRACT: Road flexible pavement was obviously designed to perform load traffic services in various environment and the others condition. One of the most pointed things here is about how to resist in humidity or water intrusion. This factor is became the most attending factor to evaluate. If the flexible pavement occurred, the primary damage was occurred in the surface. If the surface has defect, the water inrussion would able to enter and crushed the lower layer. This research has focused in the effect of water intrusion and its temperature variation on durability of Asphalt Concrete pavement. The bituminous was used here is Hydrocarbon Asphalt 60/70, Gravel as Coarse Agregate, Sand as Fine Agregate, and Rock Fly Ash as Filler. The flexible pavement characteristics was evaluated here is Stabiblity, Flof, VIM, VMA, and MQ. Soaking process has worked on 24oC, 30oC, dan 45oC, and the asphalt concentration in mix is 4%, 4,5%, 5%, 5,5% dan 6%. Duration of soaking is 1, 3, 5, and 10 days. The material specification is according to the Bina Marga and the testing procedure is according to the Indonesian regulation “Pelaksanaan LASTON Jalan Raya”. The chemical influence of water is not evaluated or measured here. All the sample was same made in dimension and its composition (5 samples was made on each test). After several calculation did the optimum asphalt content has 4,871%. The test results are shown the duration of soaking and rising temperature give significant influence for the stability value with average of durability index is 19,981%. The flow index is decreased in average 20,126%. The VIM index is increased in average 18,149%. The VMA index is inclined in average 5,05%. The MQ index is remain steady, since MQ is the result of proportion of stability and flow. In conclusion, the decline flexible pavement mix perform is still in the accaptable area of Bina Marga’s regulation above 75%. It means, the 10 days soaking duration of asphalt mix is still in acceptable. However, no further road surface layer recondition needed.

Keywords: Asphalt durability, asphalt characteristics, soaking,duration and temperature.