Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Jurnal Rekayasa Vol 6 No 1 Artikel 01

(Staf Pengajar ITN, Malang)
Bambang Suharto
(Staf Pengajar Universitas Brawijaya, Malang)
(Staf Pengajar Universitas Brawijaya, Malang)
Widyawati Budikusuma
(Staf Pengajar ITN, Malang)

ABSTRACT: River basin is transformation rain become river stream as according to condition of its environment. Displace process the rain manner experience of some change phase and influenced various factor. Obtain information Difficulty of condition of land use in macro scale which up to date can overcome by exploiting satellite image.
Complicated along of the process, hence to change effect analyse of land use condition to discharge fluctuation needed the existence of model. Various models have been woke up by core of hydrology river basin model, and provided with supporter model in line with research.
In this research as model of core was selected hydrology river basin model have conceptual - distributed type. Ability of Model improved with strategic as: 1). Proposed the existence of corrective coefficient of plan land use to capacities infiltrate, 2). Linear scheme at run of model 1D improve with Preisman 4 dot scheme, 3). For short running time calculation surface run off can be selected only done at just certain months, 4). Can read data result of satellite image analysis, with output: discharge, KRS, and plan of land use base on GIS, 5). Provided with model identify the condition of farm, and conversion plan repair of land use.
From research yield Simulation of Land Use Model (conceptual - distributed) To Control Discharge River Fluctuation. Consist of this model is three shares, that is: 1). Base Management System, 2) Model Base Management System, 3) Presentation Base Management System. Model consist of sub-model network able to change with other sub-model which of a kind. Model to be assumed competent to be used after passing examination phase which consist of: calibrate, verification, test sensitivity. This model earn river basin with definition: 1) Assumed do not happened change of land use condition, 2) Maximum of variant condition land use is 13, 3). Maximum texture variant is 10, 4). Amount of maximum station 10, 5). Made by grid system with column optimum and line is 269 and 290.
Simulation of land use to degrade KRS at the Lesti river basin by 3 scenario change of land use, which each scenario consist of 3 alternative plan land use pursuant to critical condition of its land use obtained by various KRS value. With plan land use optimum predicted will happened degradation of discharge river fluctuation (KRS) equal to 33.92%.
Before used the model require to calibrate and verification. To clarify result of land use plan repair can be done with changing output data into raster format, and join with others to compile with river map, road, and administration boundary. But that way medium to change the format not yet earned to be merged into this model.

Keywords : Land Use Simulation Model, Discharge Fluctuation